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We empower founders and CXOs to unlock the full potential of their personal brands, one impactful post at a time.


Our valued clients are the core of our success. We build lasting partnerships with innovative founders, visionary CXOs, and dynamic businesses.

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LinkedIn Company Page Management

LinkedIn Company Page Management involves optimizing your profile to boost brand visibility and engagement. We craft compelling content and strategies to attract followers, generate leads, and drive growth. Let us help you maximize your LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn Personal Branding

LinkedIn Personal Branding is about strategically shaping your professional identity. We optimize your profile and content to boost visibility and influence. Let us empower your career growth on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation entails reaching out to prospects and nurturing relationships to convert them into leads. We specialize in crafting targeted strategies to attract and engage potential clients. Let us fuel your business growth with quality leads on LinkedIn.



Our process is personalized and precise. We understand, tailor, execute, and refine for optimal results.

Onboarding Call

We delve into your personal and professional realms with 10-20 tailored questions, immersing ourselves in your experiences to grasp your narrative comprehensively.

Profile Optimization

Our experts will craft your headline, bio, banner, and more, ensuring optimization within 24 hours, empowering your LinkedIn profile for success.

Content Pillars

We’ll employ our renowned funnel strategy – TOFU, MOFU, BOFU – to curate a tailored mix of topics that resonate with you, ensuring a perfect fit for your interests.

Content Calendar

Each Monday, we deliver a notion board brimming with content, eliminating the need for follow-ups. With just 15-20 minutes of your time, you can swiftly approve content and keep the momentum going.

Graphics Approval

For real-time communication and customized content, we establish a WhatsApp/Slack/Telegram group to swiftly address your needs and ensure seamless collaboration.

Progress Report

We monitor your weekly progress to identify successful strategies and conduct monthly deep dives to provide comprehensive analyses, empowering informed decisions for your growth.

250k Followers, 100+ Clients
Bringing Brands to Life and Sharing Founder Stories

At Semboat, we pioneered the renowned LinkedIn content funnel, delivering unparalleled impressions, views, engagement, and leads for over 100+ satisfied clients. With our expertise, your LinkedIn profile undergoes a transformation, gaining unprecedented strength and vitality.

Empowering Personal Brand Growth Through Our Established Solutions

What Our Clients Say

Discover the voices behind our success. Read testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced the impact of our services firsthand.

Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith CEO
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Semboat took my LinkedIn profile to the next level! Highly recommend their services.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Sales Director
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Incredible service! Semboat helped me generate quality leads through LinkedIn.
Emily Jones
Emily Jones Founder
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Impressive results! Thanks to Semboat, my profile now stands out in a crowded market.
Alexandra Lee
Alexandra Lee Small Business Owner
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Semboat's personalized approach made all the difference. Our LinkedIn presence has never been stronger.

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