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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to make sure your website is user friendly and optimized for Google’s algorithm, our on-site optimization experts clean up the code and copy.

Appear on all Microsoft channels with Bing and see from where your traffic is coming. Gain control over audience segmentation on Bing with Modern Media Marketing and make use of Bing’s higher CTRs or Click Through Rates for search verticals.

Why appear on Microsoft?

1. 6 billion worldwide searches per month.
2. Has bid modifier settings for mobile.
3. More effective social extensions.
4. Lesser expensive Cost-Per-Clicks.
5. You will pay only when someone clicks on your ads.

Run ads on Google with Modern Media Marketing to get auto-optimization of your campaigns and reach a larger segment of the audience. With the massive reach that Google offers, earn more visitors in your platform that result in conversions. Control your campaigns from anywhere, at any time!

Why appear on Google?

1. 5.6 billion worldwide searches per day.
2. Displays ads when a relevant product or service is searched for.
3. Has a campaign for any budget.
4. Measures your performance constantly.
5. You will pay only when someone clicks on your ads.

Create effective and interesting advertisements and auto-optimize those to reach the accurate target audience- all with Modern Media Marketing. With Facebook Ads Manager’s robust analytics, determine your next step easily.

Why appear on Facebook?

1. 1.79 billion daily active users.
2. Fully customizable advertising options with images and videos.
3. Micro-targets the exact audience.
4. Allows remarketing to potential customers.
5. A platform to build a loyal community and get more audience.

Instagram has a diverse online community with unlimited marketing potentials. The easiest way to win over the target audience is to create and run affordable and appealing ads and optimize those with Modern Media Marketing to gain a unique identity.

Why appear on Instagram?

1. 500 million daily active users
2. Easy to reach the target audience with relevant hashtags.
3. Higher ad recall rate than other platforms.
4. Has higher engagement rate.
5. Instagram marketing returns the best results.

Gain relevant traffic on your website and improve its ranking on search engine to build credibility. Lift up the brand value and brand performance in social media platforms with unique strategies from Modern Media Marketing.

Why SMM?

1. A cost-effective process to increase brand awareness.
2. Helps to gain more inbound traffic.
3. Has higher conversion rates.
4. Cost-effective approach.
5. Better customer satisfaction.

Be it product description writing service or blog writing, Modern Media Marketing performs keyword research and uses those in the right spot to increase organic traffic on your website and social media pages. Gain current marketing trends and consumer behavior insights, easily with Keyword research.

Why research Keywords?

1. Helps to find the most searched words and phrases in search engines.
2. Helps to produce content relevant to audience demand.
3. Increases conversion.
4. Helps to compete with other marketers.
5. Keeps your audience engaged.

Now target quality traffic and move ahead in the competition. SEO techniques of Modern Media Marketing are guaranteed to improve the overall appearance and rank of your website along with professional recommendations for title tags, meta descriptions, and other elements.

Why SEO?

1. On-page SEO makes websites rank higher and increase domain authority.
2. Off-page SEO gets your website comments, brand mentions, quality backlinks, broken link building, social bookmarking.
3. SEO gets you more clicks.
4. No paying for ads in SEO.
5. Helps in improving Public Relations.